At A-Plus Plumber Toledo, our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle projects of varying complexities for both residential and commercial properties.
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Trustworthy Plumbing Services for Residential and Commercial Requirements

Plumbing Toledo Services

With over a decade of experience, A-Plus Plumber Toledo offers a comprehensive range of services to both residential and commercial properties. Whether it is an emergency or a routine plumbing need, we are your top choice. Our dedicated team of expert plumbers specializes in repairing, maintaining, and installing fixtures and appliances. From water heaters to washing machines and garbage disposals, we’ve got you covered. 

No job is too intense for us. Burst pipes, clogged drains, and sewage backups are challenges we handle with confidence. Our expertise extends to bathroom and kitchen plumbing, addressing everything from dripping faucets to overflowing toilets. For stubborn clogs, our professional drain cleaning services will do the trick. We repair leaks in old fixtures and offer installations of new ones. 

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovations, our plumbers can add new tubs, sinks, showers, and hardware. In kitchens, we work on faucets, pipes, dishwashers, and water filtration systems. Rest assured, we provide fair prices for all our plumbing services. 

We understand the importance of maintenance in preventing unforeseen disasters and damages. However, unexpected events can still occur. That is where our emergency plumbing services shine. With our 24/7 availability, we promptly handle leaks, burst pipes, flooding, and issues with toilets or water heaters. 

Our team of expert plumbers ensures a fast response time, arriving quickly at your location. Equipped with advanced tools and technology, we detect leaks and clogs efficiently, performing repairs to restore proper functioning. Do not hesitate to reach out to us during emergencies to prevent extensive water damage. Trust us for prompt and effective solutions.

Expert Service

We provide a comprehensive range of services, and each of our professionals is licensed and insured. Alongside their expert skills, our contractors have undergone thorough background checks to ensure your peace of mind.

Complete Package

Our highly skilled plumbers offer a wide range of services, including repairs, installations, and maintenance. Whether you are looking to enhance your home or require a replacement, we guarantee flawless completion of your project.

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